Victoria's Secret Simply Sexy

Simply Sexy was created to fulfill the need for women who want more minimal or no padding and long lean lines in the their bras-a modern step forward for a company that had previously relied solely on traditional views of what is sexy

Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria

Body By Victoria relaunch was one of the strongest in company history, expanding the number of styles and establishing it as a true lifestyle for the brand. 

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels

While at VSS i created many impactful bra launches. This too was all encompassing development towards a lifestyle for the customer including, expansion and redesign of bras, panties and sleep

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy

Designing The Very Sexy collection, which has been the cornerstone sub-brand for the company since its inception, is something I am quite proud of for the results and the opportunity to influence this collection. Throughout my tenure at the company, consistently updating and evolving who she is continued to be important, all the while using beautiful color, materials and special laces to tell this dynamic story in many interesting ways season after season.