“Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big. And start now.”   

- Robin Sharma

     Suzy Wakefield

It’s the treasure hunt for beauty in everyday life and the experience of it that is exciting to me. This coupled with the ability, fine-tuned over years of learning my craft, to be able to design lingerie, swim, sport and apparel garments that are on brand and are created with superior quality and  fit. This, gives me great joy and is an asset to the partners who collaborate with me.

My goal in all partnerships is to add value to a client’s business and ultimately their volume. My services include tangible (design, development and sourcing of product to drive volume for a business of any size) to the intangible (mentoring and advising through the  entire development process through to production kick off. We are aware as a fashion community now more than ever, this is not an industry for the faint of heart. My job is to support in a multitude of ways those who choose to engage my services. We will learn together, partner together and ultimately succeed together with a very good chance of enjoying the ride no matter what happens along the way. Through experience I have gained an understanding of how to design and construct garments and collections as well as to build many strong partnerships. This has translated into a growing expertise in concept and garment design as well as sourcing, and merchandising collections of all sizes. I have developed a solid understanding about driving results through being able to action all levels of the design and development process. I love being able to share this with businesses of all sizes and scopes.

Above all, I work with clients to understand their needs; the ones they come to me knowing as well as those that they might not be clear on until we begin to discuss. My design sensibility is driven from juxtaposition-the mix of high and low, pop and subdued palettes that gives extra interest to everyday items and influences the more fashion-driven ones. Mixing ideas from runway shows, market trends, unique combinations of fabrics, relevant tears and team collaboration combined and curated together, live as a recipe for every project that I undertake.

My love of studying color, patterns and detail is what has always driven my lifelong passion for design. From the time I, or anyone I know, can remember, I've had a love for drawing, painting and fashion. This creative mission combined with the curiosity for innovation drove me towards the field of lingerie, swim and athleisure design. My curiosity for learning, love for collaborating and a unique opportunity to travel worldwide for research and development to trade shows, factories and retail destinations have taught me a great deal. I happily share this knowledge with my clients in order to put product out into the world that can make all of us proud and successful.

"Suzy is not only extremely experienced with remarkable technical design skills and a high level of creativity, but she is also a genuine joy to work with. She is incredibly responsive, reliable and trustworthy - almost immediately in working with Suzy, our team felt comfortable handing off entire work streams for her to manage directly with our vendors and she been incredibly diligent in her design feedback and response times. Also, as someone who was not as well-versed in lingerie design, I have found Suzy makes it very easy to understand her rationale behind any technical or creative design decisions so that you are fully apart of the process and learn along the way."

Jane Fisher, Co-founder Harper Wilde

A few of the clients with whom I have had the pleasure to work:
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