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  • Suzy Wakefield

Fashion-the ultimate conduit for confidence

Viewing the pre-fall runway shows this week, I am struck not only by the aesthetics of the clothing, but also what seems to be the common theme among many of the shows; a projection of self-assuredness and confidence from the body language of the models and photographers’ point of view. In seeing this, it reminds me of a bigger purpose of what fashion means to women, and to many men. What you wear can be transformative to and indicative of who you are.

What we wear, and in many cases, how we wear it, is so integral to how we feel about ourselves at any given moment. For some of us it is a dress, others the pant and for some it’s a particular color that makes us stand a little taller, our shoulders pushed back a little further and our minds in a particular state. This is a large part of what makes all of our tastes unique and interesting. Designers have the power to portray what they believe shows confidence as well as what they don’t. I keep up in my office Karl Lagerfeld’s quote on his distaste for the bastion of Athleisure- the sweat pant, because it makes me smile. For some it’s the sweat pant and for others it’s the flat shoe. Conversely, while heels give me a lift to my spirits as well as my height, to a great many women it’s a particular lipstick or the feel of cashmere.

Further to this theory, in Roland Mouret’s show I am intrigued by the attitude of the model in Look #3 and how she is posed/poised for greatness. In this shot, her body language conjures up notions in my head of balancing the world, or at least her world, in her grasp; something all of us want to do in our own. And in Look #5, she is holding up what looks like a surfboard with an attitude and a fierceness that imbues that it could as easily be a building. She’s got this-whatever this is. If I buy these clothes will I took have that super power? I am visually lulled into thinking maybe so.

Roland Mouret Look#5

Roland Mouret Look #3

Roland Mouret Look #5

Likewise, the opening look at Louis Vuitton’s pre-fall show, verifies what we all want to believe; girl power, especially the well-dressed kind, rules! With the right bag and shoes, not to mention style, we are invincible. And this season these are particularly closely linked. What comes first-the attitude or the purchase? Perhaps they are inextricably connected, which is a good thing for those of us in fashion. Strong women need beautiful things. And hopefully this won’t change anytime soon ,,,

Louis Vuitton Opening Look

Louis Vuitton Opening Look

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