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  • Suzy Wakefield

Mistakes and Learning to Love them

Found this on Pinterest today and LOVE. It’s in the genre of something that my mother has repeated often over the years and it has always stayed with me-the Good and the Bad always come from the same place. I haven’t found times when this has not been the case-even if it takes me a little time and space to see it. A previous boss I was lucky enough to work for had a sim one that has also stayed top of mind; On the day she began leading a new team of us, she said her goal was to do great things with the team and for the brand. And that her aim was to be either Fabulous or Fired!!

Whether in life or in work, I am a big fan of poring over articles and books on how to expand ideas and generally get more creatively productive in my day to day life. That’s what I love about the above-it’s the freedom to be active and the encouragement to try and as importantly the acknowledgment that unless we fall on our faces in the mud a few times, we probably won’t see the stars either. And the realization that it’s from those wacky and weird ones that come the gold.

Seeing what is happening in fashion these days along the same lines-lots of trials and errors to come out the other side with a more interesting retail experience and some great problem solvers for the merchant and the customer. Some of the existing retailers are retrenching with new concepts and partnerships;

Look at the recent announcement of Mac selling overstock and discontinued products at Nordstrom Rack. Will either be Fabulous or Fired and only time will tell but I can say I’m excited!

And the example of the good and the bad coming from the same place; look at Happy Returns is making their good come from a lot of our pain. They are a new online model for taking the dread out of returning something that didn’t fit or you just decided you didn’t want. I am exhibit A on this, as I sit with a shopping bag from COS in my bedroom that I have yet to send back a month later. I’m thrilled to try them.

It’s exciting to see how many and which ones of these and so many more change the landscape in which we shop. While I am waiting to find out I will keep making plenty of msitakes of my own.

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