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Artful Insights: My Lessons from a Playdate

Suzy wakefield Designs Fashion Design Consultant

Friday I had my soul grow infinitely, being able to make some art with an incredibly talented collagist and dear friend, Jennifer Tuchman. We had a playdate at my studio with a plan to make a project. We came together with supplies in hand and laughs abounding talking art, life, and as my sons would say some incredibly funny sh*t for good measure.

My resulting art is below. Not incredible in output of work yet incredibly satisfying to my soul. It made me reflect on 5 lessons that came out of it for me, all of which I think can help on your journey as well.


After a long time of designing collections and illustrating on paper and on the iPad. I am very comfortable in my medium and with my tools. In contrast, when we pulled out the artboards I had a bit of a dear in the headlights moment. What was I going to do? How was it going to look? Would I be able to play in this medium that I hadn’t in many many years? After all, glue is permanent. After the initial Bambi moments, I had a blast, digging in with sticky fingers, tearing edges, and ironing fabrics.


It is supposed to be an expression of you. Don't be afraid to use the bubble man. Every time I would look at Jen’s work, I had a momentary lapse of imposter syndrome that mine wasn’t as good. And it wasn’t but it sure was fun. Even when in  my striving to get some paper on my canvas I slapped down said man. And well, you see the results…while he takes a little from my composition, having him on there made me then choose the other elements a  little differently, pull together some disparate parts and tie him in with color. And if nothing else, know to take a beat next time because as previously stating the obvious, glue is permanent.. 



 Sometimes in using a new muscle, we forget we have any muscles at all. Whether it’s a new project, medium, or learning a new skill, we all have experiences that can inform it. In this instance, while I am no fine artist myself, I do know color, pattern, and composition so while I am learning what works on canvas versus body I can take some of what I do know. And when you are starting your brand, you can too. Whether it is taking your financial background to think about your brand's budget or an understanding of how a customer thinks to understand your future, your knowledge will help you in the next new endeavor.


There are no expectations. You can completely stink at something and it’s ok. No one is looking for you to have the answer, or the added pressure of paying you to have it. For me, it was a hearty reminder to get into that curious mindset and open my eyes to possibilities. A necessary skill for any of us with our brands and/or working with those who are.


Or even thirds. Don’t make trying something new and different a one-shot deal, especially if you enjoy it. I am going to hustle Jen up to have another art date soon. And in the meantime, I might even take a try on my own. As the composer, Virgil Garnett Thomson said so well, maybe even go for thirds.

And there you have it – 5 revelations from a day of artistic exploration and self-discovery. Embrace the journey into creativity and newfound expression.

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