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How to Hack Your Habits to More Easily Reach Your Goals

Ever find that while working on your own entrepreneurial journey is a joy it can also be a challenge not to have someone else help monitor your progress? For some of us creatives who excel in thinking uniquely, sometimes the order and planning aspects of getting our goals met aren’t always our natural go-to.

Luckily, we’ve found some hacks over the years that help us game our own lack of systems a bit by turning the things we want to do into those we plan to do and in a more fun way. Here are 3 of our favorites. Hopefully, they will help you too!

Want to expand your fashion, creative inspiration, and cultural knowledge?

This is the foundation of keeping freshness in your brand and approach for any and all creative endeavors. But we know all too well that this discovery is really hard to keep as a priority when day-to-day design, development, and other client work need to take precedence.

Our Solve; Create a self-imposed project that gets you to do more research. In our case, we created our Behind the Designs newsletter that forced us to research inspiration every month. And what has happened in the doing is that we now keep our eyes open all the time to be mining for new sources of creative or entrepreneurial information which we can share. And it expands our voice out into the world. Of course with the added push that it will be shown to our, albeit small and growing, world, we are inspired to find really great stuff. For sure, sometimes they are better than others. And hopefully getting better all the time. An easy way to keep track of the ideas is to create a google doc for the month or ongoing for the year that you can drop links into.

Want to meet more people who can impact your learning and your business?

Try giving yourself a quota. It might sound a little icky but like

anything else intention is everything and achievers, even us creative ones, often need a deadline or goal to get us going.

Whether it’s 4x a week or a month decide what’s workable and reach out to this amount. When I was starting my business, my wonderful coach, Sharon Weinreb, gave me this advice and I’ve carried it through. Don’t do it to see what you can get from them. Do it to have more people know who you are and Always go into a conversation thinking about what you could do for them whether it’s an introduction, a solution to an ask, or the like. And it’s not as hard as one might think and is really rewarding to meet so many interesting people. Go to webinars and connect with people on Linked In that sound interesting. A great tip we just learned from Amy Cole is to identify what you do (or how you want to be known) on your zoom name so people can easily realize what you do.

Want to expand a creative skill you have or learn a new one?

Try giving yourself a 30, 60 or 365-day challenge and commit to it! Make it fun and make it public to help ensure you actually do it.

Mid 2021 I really wanted to improve my drawing skills on the computer. So I gave myself a year-long challenge that I had to draw something every day no matter what it was. And I had to post it on my Instagram stories. Rules are very loose-could be fashion doodles to a colorful kaleidoscope. What it couldn’t be is part of my workday or something I needed to do with work. Once I started, I began to watch YouTube videos on Procreate and other online drawing tutorials to get inspired or in the spirit. Not everyone is a masterpiece and yes I do miss some days though rarely. The gains have been big and growing. I am much more proficient than I would be with the tools if I hadn’t done this. And from what I have learned, I definitely have incorporated some newfound skills into my workday which was a big part of the goal.

Have any tips of your own that help you to create more or be more productive? If so, love to hear. Or have any questions on how to start a fashion brand or continue to grow yours. Reach out to us here at We'd love to chat!

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