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5 Sites To SuperCharge Your Work in 2022


In 2021 we tried our best to work smarter not harder in order to maximize time for enjoying the good stuff in life and for utilizing our client’s time in the best way possible.

To this end, here are some of the newly discovered tools and some oldies but goodies that continually help us do what we do. And we believe they will help you too!

1. MIRO They call it a white board system. We call it the closest thing to real life creative concepting on paper that is around today.


Miro allows multiple users to project share the same board. Teams can add anything from sticky notes to digital tears. Whether you're designing a course or brainstorming new bra ideas, it’s super useful. And we probably haven’t even hit tip of iceberg. The initial use is free and the only upgrade that is required is to add team members if they are editing work with you.

Get started here to check it out.

Suzy Wakefield Designs Miro Flower Burger Concept board

2. AIRTABLE This one was a strong recommendation from our friend and fabulous founder, Ellen Mason, of A Fashionating Life.


For those of us who are scared of excel it has the same pros and is much easier and much more intuitive to use. One giant plus is that it also automatically links to your calendar within the platform. We use for organizing social posts-very handy to be able to go to one place for all. A lot of templates too which we are excited to dive into over the holidays. Learn more

Air Table Marketing Social Media tracker

3. PINTEREST The tried and true place to store images of any sort. A must have for a designer or any type of creative.


This is perfect digital filing system for all your images. As we have talked about in the past, the more inspiration you save and the more clearly you mark it (in any way that feels intuitive to you) the better off you will be when you need to research in a hurry for your brand or project. In a previous post, we spoke about how great it is for pattern inspiration. A fairly new feature is the addition of sections within boards which really saves sifting through hundreds of images. As an example, our Compelling Fashion Campaign board has multiple sections. If we are looking for a single model with a cool editorial vibe for social, I Want to be Alone is our go to spot to check first.

Suzy Wakefield Designs Pinterest Moodboard concept boards Fashion design boards

4. CANVA While we are huge fans of the Adobe suite of products and subscribe to them, Canva has become our destination for a multitude of day to day projects and is so much easier to use.


The key is here is to treat the templates like a print you are inspired by; incorporate what you love about it and change all else to make it your own. And the beauty of it is that the site keeps tweaking features from feedback and making them easier to use for better, more professional results. And another advantage is that users are uploading the templates, which means that you can now see content such as a business plan or marketing strategy to use as jumping off points for your own. So it’s useful for more than simply creative endeavors.

Bra Designs Harper Wilde Underwear Collection Brand

5. YOU TUBE We were late to the party of this fabulous know it all, share it all information destination.


Whether it’s quick and dirty tutorial videos on a wide breadth of subjects, researching something we can’t figure out from one of the above apps, or inspirational content to share for the mentoring program we’re involved with, You Tube has us covered. Sure as your fingers hit the keys, if you have had a how-to challenge with something so has someone else. And they’ve even been so kind as to make a video about it.

Examples of Suzy Wakefield Designs Youtube channel

Take these little gems into the new year in order to make your life easier, better and hopefully a little more inspiring. We'd love to hear how it goes. Please stay in touch!

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