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  • Suzy Wakefield

What's Underneath Bok Goodall

The fabulous multi-hyphenated Bok Goodall is a founder, creative director, illustrator and all-around go-to Divine Designer. Read on to learn more about this lovely human.

Keep up with Bok on LinkedIn or on Instagram at LadyMsBok as well as Ms A London

She is also a regular contributor to Underlines Magazine where she is a team member extraordinaire doing everything from writing and illustrating to event planning. Check out the Museum of Sex Objects and Vivienne Westwood in the UK. Stay tuned for more interviews with our favorite role models, friends and all-around fascinating humans. Don't miss any of our other sources of creative inspiration by signing up for our newsletter with the added bonus of receiving our list of very favorite apps and sites that help us do what we do best-CREATE! We're betting they will help you too.

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